The Baker
Hello and Welcome to Doll's Cupcakes.  My name is Sheila ~ aka DOLL and here is my story...

I started baking when I was a young girl helping my mom out in the kitchen.  She was always baking and I was always there to help ~ or as she would say "always in the way."  She would bake a variety of treats, from bread to cookies, cupcakes and even wedding cakes.  My mother was my inspiration.  So without a doubt I started baking myself. 

I love to bake ~ especially cupcakes.  I enjoy experimenting with different flavors while trying to be creative at the same time.  Hopefully I will be able to expand one day and have my own Bakery.  Although I work by myself ~ I do get assistance from my husband and his co-workers, since they are the ones who get to be my taste testers.    

Again, thank you for visiting!  I hope you get to enjoy my flavorful cupcakes.  **Customs orders are available**

"My Recipe to Happiness"